Sunday, May 14, 2017

Tessa's First Post!

Hello! This is Tessa here, reporting 5 days before my surgery! My surgeon is Dr. Mark Urata and I go to Chang orthodontics. I have enjoyed reading what my mom has already blogged and I thought I would take it to myself to blog some more. I am nervous/excited about this surgery. I am excited because it might be my last one to close up the hole in my palate, but I am nervous because I do not like tasting the yucky medicine and I really, really do not like the operating room (all those clear things send chills up and down my spine)! I should tell you more about myself. First, my favorite color is any type of blue and lilac. Next, my favorite animal is an owl. And when I grow up, I want to be a Child Life Specialist so I can tell kids what to expect when going into surgery. Plus, I am now 10 since my birthday was about 2 weeks ago. I almost forgot my favorite book! (I LOVE READING!) My favorite book is Percy Jackson. I will blog again as soon as I have my surgery. I am thankful for everyone who is praying for me.😜

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pulling of the Teeth

I don't really look deep into Tessa's mouth that often.  I know that she has a second row of teeth that she has to make sure to brush.  I know that she still has a hole (fistula) in the front of her palate.  I know that she has a sweet party trick where she can take a sip of water and then squirt it out her nose. I know that we need to spend some time working on social etiquette. ;)
Tessa went to bed tonight feeling afraid of the unknown...getting those two second row baby teeth pulled tomorrow.  We prayed together for her to be filled with courage rather than fear.  She has a Rock to lean on and cling to and it's due time to start leaning and clinging!  I love that Tessa has a personal relationship with Jesus and she "gets it".  Her upcoming surgeries and procedures have potential to be scary but at the same time...we are celebrating that every surgery is getting her closer what?  What word do I put in there?  Mark and I can't think of one.  How about, no more speech sessions...people understanding her when she talks...
We are just thrilled that she loves to look at herself in the mirror & stare at her reflection in the window...she's a beautiful, strong, brave child of God!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Another Big Day for Tessa!

Wow, I'm realizing how long I've been gone again...I can't even figure out how to post a video on our blog!  Hopefully I'll figure it out before I get too frustrated and give up. :)  I got a really cute video of Tessa who is having surgery on her throat tomorrow morning around 10.  Yep, number 7.  Mark and I were talking about this surgery and how this one is just different.  Tessa is excited about it (as of 8:30 p.m. tonight) because it's actually going to help her speech articulation AND MOSTLY because she gets to go to the hospital and have a sleep-over with her dad. :)  (Not to mention the special attention as well as a few fun presents to open!)
The morning is starting at 5:15 a.m. wake up, pick up Grandma at 5:45 a.m., check-in at Children's Hospital Los Angeles at 6:30 a.m., and then the waiting game begins. :)  Tessa's surgery is "scheduled" for 9:00 a.m.  When I heard that, I kind of chuckled to myself, "yah right!"  God willing the wait time will go quickly and Tessa will continue to keep her positive attitude. 
Tucking her in tonight she said that she was just "a little nervous".  I appreciated her honesty. 
I really should do more blogging.
Tessa has come so far.  She is blossoming, she is growing, she is sharing her faith, she is asking amazing questions about God, she is praying for her classmates who struggle, she is helping out around the house, she is following the rules, she is reading, learning, absorbing, loving, etc.  I love this girl!

She's got one more month being 5...crazy!

The video didn't work...we've got some major technical difficulties!  Bummer.  I'll keep working on it.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

That CHAOS I was talking about...

 My amazing husband laid each one of these pavers with his own hands...his dad kept track of the intricate pattern that had to be followed.  Temps in the upper 90's!  Couldn't have picked a better 2 weeks to do this labor intensive project!  Praise the Lord Good Soil had a deal going on where we got 4 guys for 6 hours for $ THAT'S a deal. :)

 Mark had to cut each one of those pavers to make that "pretty curve" as Tessa calls it. 
What an encourager.
 Let's just squeeze in another surgery...Tessa got tubes put in her ears.  
No big deal, she's a champ (not to mention she's still a little fish in the water!)
 And now for the REST of the house...
because every project snowballs into something a little bit bigger.

 The driveway got taken out,
 the back step removed,

the front porch removed, 
 add a little caution tape, a bobcat,
and some re bar to step over,
ahhhhh....I love projects!  
So really, why not throw in more chaos when there's already this going on? :)
 Our camera took a dump. :(
But would you look at that?  We are getting closer!  I'll put up some more photos of some of the finished product in my next entry.  
Mark has his hands full with a house full of women, a full time job, projects galore...actually, he couldn't be happier!  I'm so proud of him.  I'm blessed to call him my husband and best friend.

It sure felt good to get out and leave the chaos at home!  Mini road trip to San Diego's Sea World was a big hit. :)

 Clara was a trooper!
What a fun day! :)

Monday, October 01, 2012

3 months...already???

Yep, I did it again.  Blogging, Reading, Journaling, etc haven't been on my radar in quite some time.  However, we DID just get a new camera that I'm pretty pumped about (seeing how we've gone through 2 duds since our precious Clara arrived!)  So, we'll say that NOW, because of good picture taking ability, I'll update more frequently. :)
Clara Rose was 3 months yesterday.  What a treasure this little girl has been to our family.  She fits right hasn't skipped a beat.  It helps that it's been utter chaos here anyway, to add a fifth member of our family during this time would just seem appropriate. I'll begin with Clara and then tag on the chaos later.
I'm going to list the things to make it easier on myself:
1.  Great sleeper.  Wakes up once during the night and most of the time will go right back to sleep unless...
2.  MAJOR Spitter Upper.  My goodness, this child can spit up! doesn't hurt her.  Nope.  Can't tell that it's coming.  It just comes...sometimes in large quantities and sometimes small.  I'm hoping that it's just something she'll outgrow.  It does make her pretty high maintainence at the moment though.  Gotta make sure we've got that burp cloth at all times!  In fact I'm going to the fabric store to pick up some cute ribbon to decorate our plain white burp clothes...I figure I might as well use a cute one instead of a white one if I'm WEARING it all the time. :)  I'm just thankful that we have wood floors! 
3.  Loves to suck her fingers.  I love the sound of Clara sucking on her fingers!  I thought she might be our first pacifier baby but she has proven me wrong.  :)  That's what babies are supposed to do, right? :)
4.  Makes the most adorable noises in her pouch!  The loud, deep breathing noises never get old.  They aren't going to be around much longer. :(
5.  LOVES to get her diaper changed!  Clara has got both Mark and me wrapped around her little finger on this one.  As soon as we lay her down she turns on the charm!  Big smiles and cooing and those adorable eyes looking right at us.  I most definitely take my time at the changing table. :)  Perhaps it's because it's CLARA sisters to share our attention.  It's pretty cute.
6.  Loves camping in the Sportsmobile.  I think she's spent a good 6 nights sleeping in the Sportsmobile.  This girl is going to LOVE roadtrips!
7.  Has been to 3 REI Used Gear Sales already...we're preparing her to be a true outdoors woman. :)
So, there you've got it!  Clara Rose in a nutshell.
And NOW for some pictures (in random order):
 The 3 sisters
 Sleeping peacefully in her swing (adorable quilt made by her very own Auntie Erin!)
 Waiting to get into REI
 First time in the pool
 First time on the swing
 Taking a snooze in big sister Tessa's bed
 Loving her little lamby
 Sea World
 Making those adorable noises
Full tummy!
Here's that smile I told you about.  Clara on her changing table, loving the attention! :)

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Loving Our Little Clara...her first week

My Goodness, I can't believe that this precious child is already one week old!  Granted, the week has definitely NOT flown much has happened since she's been around.  She's met some wonderful people, however, she was unable to meet her great-grandma by one day seeing how she passed away the day before Clara was born (one went up to Heaven and one came down from Heaven), she's gotten to spend some quality time with BOTH Grandmas...what a blessed little lady!  And the amount of love she receives DAILY from all of us...what a treat! :)  

Here are some recent pictures from the first week she's been home:
Clara's first day home...notice the bruising in her face

 Tessa painted a picture for Clara...AND made her bed for her.  What a sweetie pie!

 What a little peanut (or burrito if you will)!

 Big sister Molly ALWAYS wants to hold Baby Clara.  "You feed baby and then I hold her."

 Mark just can't get enough of this time with Clara.  And seeing how he isn't working summer school this year...he's getting it often. :)

 We visited our favorite coffee shop the day we came home from the hospital, you can tell Clara thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

 First time in the pouch with Daddy

 Copelands came for a visit and blessed us with an amazing meal

 Last day with Grandma Jeanne

Clara loves hanging out with Megan!

 My two sleeping beauties!  What you can't tell in this picture is that there are super duper loud fireworks blasting off every 15 seconds. :)  Precious.

Clara has been sleeping in her swing now for, oh, a good 3 hours.  Mercy!  I think I would too, just look how comfy she looks!  A big ONE week old in this picture.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Baby number three

Who are you?

Clara Rose
Samara Rose
Kate Adele

 Enjoying our 10th anniversary in the hospital trying not to deliver on the same day!

 Moments after arrival

 Proud big sister was the first one to hold Clara

 Pushing Clara around the room



Took Molly a while to warm up to the idea of a sister but finally gave in

 This isn't so bad...

Family of 5

Ready to go home