Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Day 3 - Broke, tired, and NOBODY speaks English!!

Holy Cow!!! I stink, gotta go to the bathroom, looked like crap, and couldn't figure out how to get any money, did I mention that I had to go to the bathroom, and did I mention that you have to PAY to go to the bathroom? I was not a happy camper. This is how our morning started. An hour later, however, all was well. We found our way to an ATM and the metro took us right to Rue Clar (highly recommended by Rick Steves). Checked in to this amazing little hotel for 3 nights. Took showers, washed some clothes, and took a couple hour nap. Much happier and good to go!
Note to self...when entering a new city, visit an information booth rather than trying to figure everything out on your own. Even buy a map if it costs $10.00.
We walked aimlessly throughout the city, probably a good 10 miles...until the end of our day we happened to run across a wonderful information booth with a wonderful girl who spoke wonderful English! Thank you Lord!
Finished the night off with a walk around town to end up right underneath the Eiffel pouring rain...amazing! We walked our sore feet home and crashed for the night.

Comments by Mark Fieldhouse:
- i thought a mini cooper was a small vehicle... They have cars here that will fit into a mini cooper
- apparently you either have to smoke or own a scooter out here
- making a phone call on a public phone SUCKS BIG TIME
- it is reassuring to know that there are alot of people out here that love MAKING OUT with their wives/girlfrineds in public. I will admit i do feel a connection with these French.
- no free refill on drink. I love beverage!!!
- havent seen a Costco yet :(
- i never thought it would be so difficult ot find an internet cafe to update the blog!!! And there keyboards are all screwed up. the letters are all in different places making typing difficult. Dont give up on us


Anonymous said...

Look for the public urinal cubicals in the middle of the sidewalk-it's configured like a sea shell-gives you a very strange feeling with eveyone walking past!!

4 sets of underware should be enough--just don't expect anyone to sit next to you (that includes
your wife)!!

Love, Dad F

Sarah said...

yay! i'm so glad you found a cafe to keep us up to date! this is sounding like quite the adventure!

i'm jealous of the wimbledon experience