Monday, July 25, 2005

Day 25 - sounded like a good idea

Oh yeah we will take a night train and save so much time and arrive fully rested, what a joke. Allison and I both slept around 30 minutes total. We got off our second train at 3am with luggage and a killer bed head going on. Stuck in a train station with nothing open what do you do? You lay on the urine soaked ground to try to catch some sleep before the next train along with everyone else trying to sleep. Allison was looking forward to haveing Venice all to ourselves at 5 in the morning. However it kind of stinks when u dont know where anything is because you dont have a map because nothing is open, its humid, your pack seems real heavy because u are so tired and you wife is chuckling at you every couple of minutes because of my bed head. Venices first impression was not good. Second impression wasn't good either. Allison had the great idea of getting a drink and sitting and wiating until things opened up (take off my backpack, great idea). She ordered a capuccino and a tea. "that will be six euros" is what Allison heard. Upon delievering my tea she said dont ask how much we paid and you better enjoy this tea. Latter i found out how much it was. We decided to look for some cheap lodging and found a good one for 45 euros, when we were expecting to pay around 80, like everywhere else on this island. We showered and explored the city on no sleep. We took a boat taxi around the canals. Once we got off we checked out some of the famous touristy sites and then went on a boat ride to another island to see some glassr blowing thing. It was ...ok i guess. Way overpriced for sand. We both were hitting a wall and decided to take a nap at 4:45 and then hit the rest of the isalnd in the evening. well lets just say we never woke up until the next morning at 8.