Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Day 28 - Well be coming down the mountain when she comes, well be coming down the mountain when she comes, everyone last verse together...

We woke up in our room with the wonderful cow bells again, ahhhh. Checked our drying laundry hanging from every possible place and all of my clothes were dry, except for my socks and all Allisons clothes were soaking wet still :) Too bad! We packed up and went in for breakfast where we sat and chatted a good hour with our new friends. Took a picture, exchanged emails and told each other we will see eachother in the future with more kids around us. Brigetè shook my hand and came in to give me a kiss (good thinI i was expecting this otherwisI i might have knocked her out coldI i just hand out kisses to anyone). She said don't worry guys don't kiss eachother because then people start thinking weird things about them. After our good-bye's we headed off to find an internet cafe in town. At the bottom of the hill I notice Allison was doing that random chuckle thing again, come tto find out i had killer bed head again. I quickly found a public restoom and washed it out. we got breakfast, to the bus into town and hopped on our train. We had a whole compartment to ourselves for about 45 minutes. Aat one of the stops we were joined with another couple who were going back to Rome with their 9 month old baby. Minutes after meeting our new travel companions Allison starts pulling out her wet laundry; 4 socks, 2 shirts, bra, and a pair of short and she left her underwear in the bag which surprised me. She proceeded to hang it all over our 6 person compartment. I have never felt like such white trash before in my life. That was a very humbling moment for me. Allison thought it was a riot. I swear I could hear her whistling a song while she was doing it too. After I crawled out from under my seat we started making small talk with them and it seemed that everyone took a nap. When i woke up from my nap we discovered that they had purchased some stuff from the snack bar on the train. GREAT idea i was starving! We ended up purchasing a 3 dollar can of pringles totalling 20 pringles and a package of crackers. Note to self: when on a long train ALWAYS bring food especially when the train ride is over 7 hours. When we arrived we called our campground to get directions. They spoke great English on the phone... right then i knew i was going to love this place. We arrived an hour later and were pleasantly surprised. Our "room" was a converted mini mobil with 2 beds and 4 shelves. We got settled and hit the bathroom and walked around the campground. This was a very plush campground with all the amenities (pool, bar, internet, washroom, market, etc.). Off to bed!!!


Anonymous said...

Just noticed that no one had posted any comments lately and thought we would let you know that we are enjoying, with great amusement, reading your blog. We can't wait to have you over to see your pictures!
We love you guys!
Kurtis and Pamela

Amy said...

Let's get one thing straight. You have no business taking a forever-long trip through Europe and leaving the rest of us here.

OK, not my true feelings, of course—-just battling a little jealousy. (You can read about it over at withpurpose.com.)

You guys crack me up. What a great time it sounds like you're having! Brian and I are reading with much interest since we do not know how to have fun. We are boring as all get out and entirely too serious. (We're also poor, but that's another subject.)

Have a GREAT rest of your trip!

Dawn Vollmann said...

I am reading too! Wish i could catch a ride in your packs. Look forward to your posts. Hope the rest of your journey is just as exciting! Someday when Max and Skye are a bit older...I plan on exploring various parts of the earth.