Saturday, August 06, 2005

Day 40 - Not a cloud in the sky

I need to update u on how we finished our evening last night. We changed into the suits and headed to the hot tub. It is heated by a wood fire and boy did it feel really good. Then off the bed.

This morning we woke up to the cow mooing song they play over the speakers throughout the hostel to wake everyone up for cleaning time. Got our stuff for the day and was almost knocked back by the huge mountains just across the canyon of our hostel. Gigantic and white glacier covered! Today was going to be a great day. Apparently the weather we were having was not very common at all. Normally cloudy and cool with the occasional rain. 2 days from now the forecast is snow. But not for us we got 70 degree weather with no cloud in sight. We started right away on our hike which took us till around 4 in the afternoon. Sights along the way; cows, mountains eiger, monch, jungfrau, waterfalls, cows, meadows, streams and electrical fences which Allison oftened times walked into (ohhhh). We came back to the hostel and I crashed and Allison read her book and socialized. We made dinner and met some fellow hostelers and of course played chess. We hiked up to the next town and observed a festival the town was throwing. Dancing, band, games, beer sounds better then what it really was. Walk back to the hostel in the pitch black trying to avoid steping on slugs. Off to bed