Sunday, May 07, 2006

Exciting News

You know, sometimes living so far away from family is OK, and then other times it just really sucks. Yesterday was a day that really sucked.
My sister (who lives in Anchorage, AK) was out visiting my parents (who live in Holland, MI) and decided to give me a call so I could talk to all 3 of them on the phone at once...this obviously doesn't happen all that often. What a treat! Well, I find out during during that phone call that MY SISTER IS PREGNANT!!!!! Such exciting news for the De Wys family with this being the first grandchild for my parents, the first time me being a "blood" aunt, AND the fact that Erin and Mike are expanding their family! So, I've got all these emotions going through me for the rest of the day, wanting to bubble over and share this exciting news with everyone I see. This is where the "sucky" part comes into play...everyone I was around yesterday doesn't know my family...there was no connecting with people on the emotional high that I was having. Yuck!
So, this is how I'm going to get through much easier said than done...I'm going to lower my expectations on how people respond to MY exciting news and not let them affect my feelings about the whole thing. I am ALSO going to make a better effort at getting excited with others who share something with me that they are bubbling over with.
So, off I go into a world of people I can't control not letting them affect my outlook on life and the situations it brings. :) Aaaaah, if only it could be that easy!
God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good!


Sarah said...

how exciting! aunt allison!

and an update - also incredibly exciting!!

Anonymous said...

WAAAAHH! Erin & Mike are having a baby? Way cool. I'd love to have their email address & yours.
i saw your mom today at tjmaxx. we
miss you guys-