Sunday, November 26, 2006

My Birthday Weekend in Yosemite!

Here we are at the base of Vernal Falls

The Yosemite Falls ("trickle")

I've always wanted to have a "romantic getaway" for my birthday (it falls at a perfect time with the long Thanksgiving weekend) and this year was the year! Mark and I left for Yosemite in our VW bus on Wednesday night. We drove for a couple of hours then pulled over at a hotel and camped out in the parking lot. We woke up bright and early on Thanksgiving and started our 5 hour journey to the park. What an absolutely beautiful day it was! The views incredible! Everything was appropriate to be in such a place on Thanksgiving! :)
So, we found our campsite in Upper Pines, again, couldn't be more perfect...and emptied all our food in the bear storage compartment (THAT would NOT make for a perfect weekend if a bear broke into the bus to eat our food!) We made lunch, got the sight all set up, and then headed out for where ever we wanted to go. For those of you who have experienced Yosemite in the summer, this was nothing of the sort...not much traffic, nobody plowing you over with their bikes, no lines, no tour groups, just nature at it's grandest. Thank God!
Praise Him for His creative landscape, praise Him for cold, crisp, clean mountain air, praise Him for warm clothes and a husband to hold me tight, praise Him for sunshine and light to accent His beauty, praise Him for healthy bodies to hike and wander and all that good stuff! Thank God for a yummy Yosemite Lodge Thanksgiving an affordable price! Thank God for the sound of silence, the sound of rushing water, the sound of a warm, crackling fire, the sound of birds, leaves falling (really, they make a wonderful sound), sticks breaking under our feet...Praise God for Life!
This weekend was so very needed for both of us. It was not only refreshing mentally, but physically as well (L.A. had been holding firm to 80 degree's the end of November for goodness sake, I had been dreaming of bundling up since end of October!)
Ahhh, I just get a big smile on my face just thinking about it! :)
We headed back a little early to beat the traffic, we got home by 11:00pm Saturday night. I spent the majority of our travel time working on a hat I'm knitting for Mark, below is a picture of the progress I made this weekend (are your thumbs suppose to get raw while knitting???? Maybe I'm doing it wrong.) Anyway, hopefully it turns out, it's definitely been fun seeing so much progress...especially because I had to take the whole thing apart on the way UP to Yosemite...I made a big goof by getting a twist in it. Oh well, it most definitely built my character AND tested my patience...God knows what I need the most work on...yet another thanks. :)
Now, to wrap this thing up...tomorrow is my actual birthday and I'm contemplating taking the day off of work. I think I'm going to...nobody should have to work on their birthday!

Here's the hat...

Actually, the picture doesn't want to show up...I'll show a before and after photo of it when it's finished. :)