Sunday, April 22, 2007

Here is a greeting from the Fieldhouse family


Anonymous said...

You guys make such a great threesome. She is adorable and will bring lots of pleasure to your lives. We love you guys and wish you the best. Give that little gal a big hug and kiss from your Aunt Sandy and Uncle Steve


cristina said...

what an awesome video...
it was a pure blessing to get to visit and hold little tessa!
she is quite the napper :)

Anonymous said...

she is so cute-

august said...

i cant wait to see her sometime

Sarah said...

yay for latching on well and sleeping long.

Anonymous said...

What a good time! Congrats you guys. Love you guys and miss you -- especially after seeing you here!What a great video. It makes me want to figure out how to use YouTube. Jamie and I will be back in the US of A this summer. If you make it to west michigan in July, we'll see you there :-)


Anonymous said...

I am thouroghly impressed by your technological abilities! It is so fun to see you all and you guys are just awesome. It is really neat that even those of us who are far away can be apart of this amazingly wonderful experience. Thanks for including us!


Anonymous said...

Allison & Mark,
First of all, congratulations! We look forward to hearing all the details. Thanks for sharing your pics.

Thank you too for creating a video. Ryan and I are able to feel connected to you across the miles. We are So happy to hear she is latching on and sleeping well!!! We bless God for her life. I absolutely LOVED hearing the coos that Tessa was making. SO beautiful.

Can't wait to connect. Love you bunches.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You guys look so great ,it is beautiful to see the three of you. Faye emailed this to me. In a few weeks when you are ready for visitors I'd love to come and see all of you. I won"t bring hummus, I heard you have food coming for the next 6 months! Enjoy your days! Marsha

lee said...

A GIRL!!!!! you know i have both, and you know i am partial to the GIRLS. love her name. love her coos. can't wait to meet her in person sometime. wish i could hold her & smell the new baby smell. enjoy! i wish i could bask in the sunshine of your smiles in person - the video was wonderful but you can't hug a video :-)

when you're sitting around with nothing to do - HA!- check out our little girl's blog:

i thank God for tessa & her fabulous parents!

lee tanis

Jim/Nancy said...

The blog has been so inspiring and lovely....I see great personalities (perfect for Tessa) and a lot of love and beauty.

People who are new parents of special needs children almost always wonder if they'll "hold up," especially if care/treatment is long, covering many years. Statistics of divorces are not encouraging. The thing to remember is that you (and we) are different from most people who divorce over a special-needs child, having reinforcements that we're blessed to have. Keep your eyes on each other and looking up, and continue to enjoy yourselves. When you have a hard day, week, month, or year, "fake it until you make it" if nothing else seems to work. If/when you can't even pray, you'll be carried until you can pray. You know that old story! I can tell you from life experience that it's very true.

Your parents' old friends, Jim and Nancy