Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tessa's First Tooth Fairy

It all started Tuesday morning with a little sore on Tessa's lip that stuck out (the Pre-Maxilla for all those Dr's out there). We nursed it with a little Lanolin cream and some extra love but it progressively got worse. She went down for her afternoon nap and woke up a little crabby with a HUGE white thing coming out of her sore!!! It was hard and sharp. We thought that maybe it was a bone or something sticking out. When we got home from our outing we made some phone calls to some Dr's. The Pediatrician called back in 10 minutes and was bewildered about what we explained to him. He told us to come in early the next morning. We gave her Infant Tylenol and kept putting orajel on it all night long because she was obviously bothered by it (maybe not as much as mom and dad though). Well we got to the dentist first and they said it was a TOOTH!!! WHAT!?!?! That is right, at 2.5 weeks old and Tessa's fourth visit to the dentist...she had her first tooth pulled. This whole cleft lip and palate thing has, and I am sure will continue, to bring us down an interesting road.
This is Tessa cashed out and drugged up. Literally, this thing (tooth) came out in 4 hours!

Here is another angle...poor thing :(

Post-op tooth extraction this morning. This is her actually cashed out with her eyes open.
And this is her just being so darn CUTE!!!


Pamela said...

A tooth?! Tessa is just such a trooper, all these people poking and prodding and now pulling too! Was the dentist able to guess whether she would be getting any more teeth like this anytime in the near future? I think she deserves a do the two of you. :)

cristina said...

aww, buddy... so much to go through! i hope things slow down a bit and you all can have a nice break.

Sarah said...

a tooth?!? holy moly. i'm curious what the dentist said about future teeth too...?