Monday, July 23, 2007

Aaah...Lake Michigan

Ok, I am totally a Michigan girl at heart living in California...especially when it comes to Lake Michigan. I love it! I was so excited to go swimming in the mid-70 degree water, however, by the time I finally made it to the beach, it had dropped 20 degrees! Bummer. Anyway, about the whole Michigan-girl thing...I've got myself a daughter who's a California girl by nature, but I'm trying to instill as much midwest in her as I possibly can. Family portrait on the beach.
Tessa's first ever dip in something bigger than her bath tub...she was fearless
(until her little toesies touched the 50 degree water, then she balled like a baby).
Sun about to set over Lake Michigan.
Like daughter like father...Tessa loves to suck on her fingers!
Side-note: She's drooling a ton! Now we have reason to change her clothes a couple times a day...she was wearing the same thing a couple days in a row. :) I think this is her way of telling us that she wants to wear more than one outfit in a day. ;) We hope this isn't a sign of being high-maintainance...we will have NONE of that in the Fieldhouse family!


Abbie said...

We certainly hope that drooling doesn't mean a high maintenance kid---Daniel is doing the same thing right now. He found his fingers and we call him 'droolsasauras rex.' We usually go through 2 or more outfits a day. Fun Fun! How long are you going to be in Michigan? I was hoping to see you guys and introduce the wee ones to each other!

august said...

i love your pictures

Sarah said...

i love all of these pictures especially.