Thursday, July 05, 2007

Tessa meets Dr. Wells

Today Tessa got to meet her plastic surgeon! She was in a good mood but clueless of what was going on. It had been 5-6 months since we saw him last time. I think he may have remembered us but I am not sure. In a nut shell, the meeting was pretty uneventful. He told us that this would be a complex case and that we will have to take this slowly. He briefly explained the process of the cleft lip surgery which we both found very interesting. After he drew us a picture of what he was going to do, Allison and I had a few questions to fill in the blanks. The meeting took a total of 20 minutes and we came away liking our doctor even more than we had remembered. We will like him even more once we find out if he will take our insurance. He typically does not take our insurance :( He said that he will more then likely do the lip surgery in two different stages. The smaller opening he will tackle first. He will let it heal and then do the other side. He expected both lips to be done by her first birthday. He also said the palate will more likely be done around the age of 2-3. Initially we were told by the dentist to expect around 5 years old since she had NO palate. After the palate is done she will probably have her nose operated on when she is around 5-7. It sounds like the major surgeries will take place before she is 4 and all the rest would be minor cosmetic surgeries. He is going to be calling our dentist in the next day or two to discuss Tessa and they both will decide roughly when they should do surgery. So we should know by the middle of next week a little more.

A note about Tessa... She is sleeping through the nights 9-11 hours, wakes up eats and then goes down for another 2 hour nap. She is smiling a ton and loves to be held backwards so she can look around. Her new thing now is she loves to stand on her "own". She also absolutely loved the fireworks show last night! Eyes WIDE open. :)

We will keep you posted about what we hear over the next couple of weeks.