Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We're Off!

Well, here we are, 9:30pm and yet to pack up the vehicle for the big roadtrip tomorrow. I have a feeling it's going to be a late night. Where in the world does the time go when so much needs to get done??? Oh well, no matter what, we're leaving tomorrow. I'm picking Mark up from work and then...our goal is Flagstaff, AZ. I think it may be a lofty goal, but who knows, Tessa could be a fabulous traveller. :)
Another goal of ours is to arrive in MI on Sunday morning. It would be great to go to church with my family and then to my grandparents for Sunday dinner. Then...a much anticipated family reunion! Yeah. So excited to introduce Tessa to all of her relatives!
Please keep us in your prayers if you think of us anytime from now 'til Sunday. We greatly appreciate each and every one of them!
We'll most definitely have pictures once we get to MI.
Blessings, us
Update: it's 11:40 right now and we're off to bed. :)


august said...

have fun

Anonymous said...

Horray for road trips! I will be praying for you guys to have a fun and safe trip. When are you coming back?


Anonymous said...

My post disappeared???

I had written you before you left...praying for a safe trip and all...and it looks like you made it! God is great.

I love the pictures and your travel stories...

Are you going to be in Michigan long enough to see Stina?