Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Three Bobs

I guess Bob strollers are a hot ticket with new moms. We try to capitalize on these "easy targets" through our REI used gear sales. We gobble up these used strollers anywhere from $50-210 dollars. We then turn right around and sell them on Craigslist for $375-400. It's a great deal for a stroller that actually sells for at least $550 brand new. We kept the 50 dollar one so we can have Tessa's friends over to play. :)
Here is Mark fixing the $50 one. He had to sew two spots and it was good as new again.


august said...

thats awesome! i cant believe a stroller sells for that much

bwinkle said...

Allison, we have been wanting to find a double Bob (we have the singe, but need another seat for annie). Where are you finding these?!?