Friday, January 11, 2008


My goodness...what a day, what a short day! Yes, you read it correctly, the doctor sent us home. :) Tessa was doing so well that he didn't think we needed to stay the night in the hospital. Thanks so much for all your prayers, your phone calls, your emails, and your texts...we all felt covered with prayer. God is good. Tessa gets to sleep in her own bed tonight without the nurses constantly coming in to check her vitals. Aaaahhhhh, so excited to get some sleep! The morning was very early so if you're a little bit disappointed in the brevity of this post, I apologize...I'm not quite all there. :) Tessa's napping right now and I'm soon to follow.
The surgery lasted 1.5 hours and she was in recovery for a good 2 hours, we got a room, she ate (out of her bottle!), took a nice nap, we ate lunch, Tessa woke up, we were on our way to take a little walk around the hospital with her and we run into Dr. Wells. "You guys look like you're ready to go home, let's get you out of here!"
Yeah!!!! So, that's where we're at right now. I'll let the pictures do the talking:
6 a.m. and someone's happy to be here. :)
Reading some books to pass the time. (No we did NOT put the blue sticker on her face...the doctors do that so they know what side to work on...just wanted to clear that up just in case you were thinking that we enjoy sticking things on Tessa's face.)
This is the nurse that took her away to the operating room. I know, Tessa doesn't look very happy here. Let's just say that she was super tired AND hungry (not a good combo). Poor thing.
Well, here she is, our little champ! This is in her room.
Hey, at least she gets to wear fun "no-nos". :)
Grandma Diane came and loved on Tessa before AND after surgery.
So nice to have her there. :)

First bottle...praise God she can drink out of the bottle! We just have to make sure that it's on her "healed" side. 5 parts Pedialyte & 1 part Apple Juice.

Cashed out...what a day!

Here she is! Notice the centered premaxilla, the 2 nostrils, the whole lip, & those beautiful eyes!

We're outta here!


Laura VW said...

Praise God! It sounds and looks like everything went fabulous. Tessa is such a little trooper. What a blessing you didn't have to stay overnight AND she could take her bottle! We'll pray the recovery goes quickly!

august said...

shes gorgeous

cristina said...

what great news! thanks for the update...i am so glad to hear that things are going so well! and tessa is amazing... smiling before and after the surgery.
hope your weekend goes well!

danielle said...

i'm so glad to see things went well! i've been thinking about you guys all day. God is so good!

let me know if you would ever like a visitor sometime to swing by and say hi. :)

Copeland Five said...

wow! we praise God with you guys! and for this next week...i can't imagine keeping the 'no-no's' on her! but i am sure you will find some creative way to survive! love you all

Anonymous said...

Great to hear about the successful surgery.

Also was fun to spot you guys in the Holland Sentinel insert!

--sue & scott vb

Anonymous said...

So happy that it went so well! Love to you all!
Jill, Ryan & Tryg

Chrissy Padilla said...

Are you SURE it wasn't your idea to stick the blue dot on her face?

Nadelhoffer said...

Tessa's beautiful! She was before the surgery, too. You know those eyes stole the show anyway! I have no doubts that you both will come up with creative ways to keep her occupied even with her "no-no's" on. Your sense of humor with your child is hilarious. If she doesn't get a kick out of the crazy things you two do for entertainment, at least you'll both be laughing at each other! I mean, a sticky-note on the kid's head? I love it!

Jennifer Gray said...

She loooks AMAZING!! Her lip is totally, perfectly centered and her nose! I thought it would end up a little flatter on the right but it doesn't even look like it was ever affected at all. Oh what a great day that was. Only an hour and a half then going home right away. I love it!!!
I am so happy for you all.