Saturday, January 05, 2008

Christmas with family & friends

Enjoy all the pictures:
Under the mistletoe with Cristina
Grandpa & Freeman
The De Wys' 2007 Family Christmas Pic
Celebrating Jesus' birthday with House Church (minus the Verwys clan)
Who's that stud with the nice pierced ear???
Freeman celebrated HIS 1st birthday along with Jesus
Best Christmas present EVER!Mom and Dad at Holland State Beach (if you look closely you can see the cool sand sculptures that the wind created...found out about them from the news!)
Tessa and her Great-Grandma
A visit with the Tanis Family...Jill & Tryg
Stopped by the Klein's house in GR...Abbie, it was so great to see you!
Hanging out at Grandpa & Grandma's
Mike, Erin, & Freeman won the Pickle game
Tessa and her Grandpa