Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Presidents Day!

Happy Birthday, George Washington!
I love this holiday...especially when my friends get the day off because of it. :)
And, when you live in California, you can do fun things like hiking in the mountains on a beautiful day:

The Crew

The location

Heidi & Ava Nevarez...Ava was looking awesome all day with the shades!

Yeah, Taffy! Looking good...poser.

Keith & Taffy with their 2 little guys, Micah & Eli

"I'm LOVING this hiking thing!"

When the day was done I decided that Tessa and I are going to be going out on lots more hikes around our area. There are so many beautiful places to be explored! Now all I need to do is find her some sweet shades and a nice wide-brimmed hat. :)


ShaunTia said...

Love the photos!! That was a very fun day.