Friday, February 01, 2008

Our 9 month old...

I cannot believe this little girl is already 9 months old! To think that she's been OUT as long as she was IN...crazy. :) Anyway, I'm able to do all these posts because Tessa is taking a nice long nap this afternoon...ahhhh, it feels so good to get stuff accomplished!
It's been a busy week with doctors appointments.

Pediatrician on Wednesday, Plastic Surgeon on Thursday...unfortunately both of them took place during her morning nap time.
Oh well.

We found out the following information about Tessa:
She is 29 inches long
She weighs in at 19 pounds
She has a slightly bigger head than the average kid (75th percentile)
...we already knew she was it's confirmed. :)
Her next surgery is Tuesday, April 22 (yes, the day after her birthday)
It will consist of the doctor REPAIRING her lip.

Some fun things that Tessa is doing:
~she's crawling all over the place
~pulling herself up on things
~picking up the most iddy-biddyist things off the ground and putting them in her mouth
~she waves, sometimes with both hands and sometimes with one
~she loves to hear herself clap
~the only things she really enjoys eating are Puffs (I know, I know...I'm trying other foods, she just doesn't want anything to do with them...right now)
~no signs of teeth
~basically, being the cutest thing ever! :)


Megan said...

I like Puffs too ... I knew Tessa and I were soulmates.