Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tessa's Baptism

I know, this is WAY overdue, but important enough to put on the blog.
Tessa was baptized on January 27th. We just wanted to share with you some pictures of the baptism. Because we are part of a House Church, this time was very intimate (meaning small numbers as well as personable...we had a prayer circle to lift up Tessa as well as Mark and myself). Ryan Verwys baptized her...no sprinkles of water, he made sure that she would FEEL the dousing of water. :) Thanks, Ryan...you did a great job baptizing as well as explaining the reason for the baptism. :)
It was great to have our church community there as well as family (all the Fieldhouses as well as my parents). God has blessed us with an amazing community and it's such a blessing to know that these loved ones are surrounding Tessa with Christian Love and Blessings.
Here are a couple of pictures of her baptism...