Sunday, February 10, 2008

This Past Week

She loves this thing... thanks Grandma
She is such a show off. We are really starting to push the sign language because we are not sure if we are going to have much success understanding what she has to say for the first couple of years until her palate is fixed.

Chillin in the pool the first week of February... who needs the seasons when it is 75 degrees outside in the middle of Winter.

We got a companion for our 5 in 1 citrus tree. We ran across this fun tree at Home Depot for 15 bucks... what fun.

Stay tuned for our 2008 garden photos. The agenda for tomorrow is to build some trellis' and plant the garden.


Jennifer Gray said...

Yay! I'm so glad you're starting sign language! Jordan is now up to 20 signs at least. It's so fun to understand what she is telling me and SO great to know that I'm actually able to give her what she is asking for.
Jen :)

danielle said...

adorable! tessa is growing so fast!
the video of you with the cow is pretty great as well. :)
glad to see all is well!

theolsons said...

What a brilliant girl that Tessa is! :) I laughed out loud when you commented that you weren't clapping behind the camera because just prior to that i thought, "Allison must be clapping and waving as well." but no, Tessa is just too smart!