Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another Belated Event...

Seal Beach 5K
You gotta start somewhere, right? Rachel and I ran a 10k a few years back before kids came along and now we're revving up our engines to keep the tradition going. We did this one a couple weeks ago...what a gorgeous Sunday morning! The kids did a great job...hopefully we're instilling in them how much fun exercise can be. ;)

Pre-race photo op

I'm not sure if you can see it or not, but we had an assigned section all to ourselves (all the way in the back so the entire race was spent passing other people, oh well...I guess that can make someone with a competitive nature feel somewhat good.)

Mark rode his scooter down to the beach to cheer us on...what an amazing husband. :)

Here we are mid-race...yeah, it's low-key

(you always need to take time to capture a memory with a picture)

Rachel finishing strong...isn't that right, Rachel. ;)

Check her out...taking the outside lane...passing up all those other runners...what a stud!


theolsons said...

when's the next one? i want to join in the fun!

April said...

Nice job Allison..I'm so proud of you! Great to hear from you, I love checking out your blog and it looks like you are having such a fun time being a Mom. Tessa is adorable and seems like such a trooper through all of her surgeries..glad to see she is doing great!

alison said...

Looks like fun!! Mark and I plan on taking the boys this weekend for their first 5k-I'm not sure how much running I'll actually be doing!