Thursday, April 03, 2008

Check 'er Out!

Check this girl out! I thought I would help Tessa walk behind her push-cart.
"Whatever, Mom, I can do it all by myself!"
She's amazing. :)
Getting VERY brave, fortunately no accidents yet.
I love this picture. Tessa was being a tad difficult for me during the day...I left to meet a friend and came home to this girl just chillin' in Daddy's arms (it gave me quite a laugh). Mark most definitely brings out a different side in her. I love it! :)


Anonymous said...

Tess is so beautiful. I love the black and white picture.

Amy from cold town Chicago...:( Could you send us some sunshine and warmth...pretty please!

Sarah said...

yeah i like that tessa picture too - but where did all your links go?

isn't that crazy how they act different depending on which parent is with them?

august said...

what a cutie pie!!! she is getting so big