Monday, April 07, 2008

Nth Visit to the Denist

Dr. Cortez and one of his favorite patients
I found it quite humorous to hear that our friend's 4 year old is going to the dentist for her first time ever. It's funny because Tessa actually recognizes her dentist's face and I'm buds with all the nurses in the office. Did I mention that she doesn't even have any teeth yet?! :)
(I guess that's one more thing that makes a cleft kid different from the others...she's comfortable with her dentist.)

We visited Dr. Cortez today and he trimmed Tessa's obturator down (it hadn't been staying in) and checked out her palate. He said that it has closed a considerable amount since birth...that's the kind of news we like to hear. We still have no idea when her palate surgery will take place. (We are just 2 weeks away from her 3rd lip repair.)
Regarding that seems to stick in when HE puts it in, however when I do it, it always tends to fall out right away. Anyone know of a stronger adhesive than Fixodent? :)


august said...

comfortable with the dentist, awesome! personally, i hate them!

Mary said...

This is probably something I should know, but what is an obturator? Is it similar to the NAM?

Good luck with the third surgery! Will this be her final lip repair?

Jennifer Gray said...

I'm dying to hear how the birthday party went...