Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tulip Time 2008!

What fun it was to be a tourist in my own hometown. :) I couldn't wait to take Tessa to Tulip Time...Holland in all its glory! All the trees are flowering, the tulips blooming, the town bustling, the dutch dancers klomping, I LOVED IT, so did Tessa. :) It would be nice to make this into a tradition (that is...if Mark's okay with his girls leaving him for a week every year).
Tessa and I left last Tuesday and got back this Monday. We had a wonderful time bonding with my parents and the couple of friends I got to squeeze in. I was able to give my Grandpa a great big hug as well as visit my grandma's graveside for the first time. (I wasn't able to make it back for her funeral due to Tessa's last surgery.)
Here are a load of pictures...I mean a LOAD of them! Enjoy!
Smelling the tulips with her tongue :)

Only in Holland, MI

Inside a new baby boutique downtown...I got a kick out of Tessa playing amongst the kiddos in their dutch costumes.

Pretty tulips


This one's for you, Scott. :)

It's gotta get at least one. :)
We drove to GR to visit Cristina at Calvin
Tessa & her Grandma

Tessa & her Grandpa
Tessa & Mommy
This is the only picture I got of Tessa in her costume...she's a little bit too squirmy to get one sitting in front of the tulips (maybe next year?)
Tessa & her Great-Grandpa (can you see how squirmy she is?)
Tessa & her Great-Grandma
This is my favorite picture of the two of them together.
I love you, Grandma! You will be missed dearly by all.


cristina said...

looks like you guys had a great time... i will definitely have to go to tulip time next year. thanks again for the visit!
see you soon!

lee said...

i wonder if you saw owen in the parade - he was carrying the color guard "gun" - stick painted to look like a gun - next to the american flag for the high school band.

do you know scott? owen took trumpet lessons with him this year and likes him a lot.