Saturday, June 28, 2008

Girls Day Out

Oh man, what a day! A group of six of us all took our Sabbath very seriously and went to Glen Ivy Hot Springs this past Sunday. :) Five of us left our children with the dads, it felt good to hang out with just the girls.
We started the morning at 7:30 and went for breakfast at Tom's Farms in Corona. I am super excited to come back here with Mark and Tessa...she'd love this place!
Typical Chrissy pose :)
Club Mud...yes, it looks was.
We lathered, baked and then rinsed (or shall I say exfoliated).
The ladies got a little wild in the mud pit...

Baking ourselves to a interesting...and messy!
Having some fun after getting all cleaned up...

Thanks for the great times,, when are we going again???


Sarah said...

super fun! hey when's our girls only road trip?