Saturday, June 28, 2008

Having Fun

This has been our morning routine...Tessa crawls up on "her" chair and goes through a couple of different books. She's so proud of herself. :) We like to think of it as mommy & daddy's storytime. What a doll. Notice Lamby sitting next to her. She loves this thing. Lamby was actually the first gift I received when we started telling people that I was pregnant. Lamby came from 4 of my senior girls in my 1st period weight training class. :)
Daddy bought some interesting floamy things for his classroom. I thought I'd try them out to make sure they tasted alright. By the response that Mommy & Daddy gave, I don't think I was supposed to eat them. Oh well, they'll learn to not let me play with things that look this yummy. They've got a lot of learning to do. :)
Playing around with Daddy after dinner
Mommy loves to throw me in the pillows when I wake up...I love it!