Sunday, January 04, 2009

Bye-Bye Scooter :(

We have down-sized yet again. I'm not sure if I actually explained this in a blog entry, but a year ago we had 5 vehicles and now we've got 2 completely different ones. Crazy how many things change in a year. We've been purging and it feels great! Not sure if you're interested, but just in case you're wondering how this came about you can read on:

5 vehicles: VW bus, 4Runner, Rodeo, Bajaj Scooter, Kymco Scooter.

1 went down (We got rear-ended in July causing our 4Runner to be totalled)

2 went down (I was driving the Rodeo down the freeway in July when it decided to stop running, yep, in the middle of the freeway...stopped! Let's just say that God sent an angel to push me to the shoulder...3 whole lanes over!)

3 went down (We sold my Kymco People 50 because I wasn't taking it out enough...I couldn't justify having a scooter that just sat in the garage taking up space.)

4 went down (The VW bus had been wonderful to us, no complaints except that we were putting a lot of money into it for maintainence...let's just say that we knew our mechanic better than our dentist, we saw him 3x as much! Anyway, she didn't have anymore big roadtrips left in her so we thought we'd sell was a tough decision, but a wise one...we're thinking that our next VW purchase will be a Eurovan, with a pop-top.)

5 went down (Mark just sold his Bajaj Scooter last night to a man who is going to take great care of it. Mark had a tough time with this one too, but we needed a scooter that both of us could drive and I don't "do" manual transmission scooters...there are way too many other things to be paying attention to on the road besides gear-shifting! Sorry, Babe. We are now proud owners of a Kymco People 150...she's a beut.)

My scooter stud

Last ride

Oh, and our one car that we own now is a Honda CRV. We miss our 4Runner. :(