Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Day 1 - London

We highly recommend two things if you're planning on travelling to Europe any time soon...
1) Arrive at night so you have that time to catch up on your rest
2) Make your hotel reservation in advance for that first night (I don't think Mark and I have or will ever spend that much on a hotel again.)
London was very nice, very "big city" nice. It actually reminded us a lot of Chicago, well sort of.
We were the typical tourists who went on the Big Bus Tour, the walking tour, and the boat tour, I had a tough time staying awake, Mark took it all in...for the two of us. :)
Yes, we did our own research and found a MUCH cheaper hotel the second night. :)
Also, I have been getting quite a kick out of meeting different people (since Mark has labeled me the spokesperson of the family and because we're still working on getting Mark to come out of his shell!). Did we mention that this city is VERY expensive yet?