Friday, June 24, 2005

Rethinking Things

Wow... we are leaving to Europe in a half our.

Things to think of before you take a trip to Europe.
1. Reading about not packing more then 20 pounds in a small backpack sure sounds like fun but after you are all packed you start to question you care free logic and say WOW that is not very much. Is more weight really all that bad?
2. Is 4 pair of underwear really enough for 6 1/2 weeks?
3. Sounded like a fun trip and not having one reservation made in advance sure sounds like fun doesn't it... what were we thinking! I checked the availability of hostels an hour ago and the computer i swear made a laughing noise. Maybe you should plan a little bit better then we did.
4. Can you really make it a long of a time without going to a Costco!!! Thins will be a huge challenge for me.

see you in Europe


cristina said...

have a fun trip! i'll make sure to go to costco for you guys :)

Fae said...

Think of it as an adventure. Or maybe you could buy another V.W. bus there to sleep in. Take care and be safe.

Anonymous said...

4 sets of underwear is NOT ENOUGH--Love MOM