Saturday, July 09, 2005

Day 12 - Rhine River Crusie

We woke up and had our breakfast then headed to the city via bus. 15 minutes later we sitting at the Rhine waiting for our boat ride. The weather was cooperating and we were able to sit our on the deck and met some really neat English people. We shot the breeze with them for 2-3 hours and then got off at our castle. I forget what it was called. Tour it for 2 hours AMAZING. I would have never thought of how well these things were built. This castle was built in the 1300's and is still standing. We could wander anywhere we wanted in it! There were dark tunnels running ALL OVER THIS THING. Absolutley amazing. Got back on the next boat leaving the area and ended up finishing off a Nutella jar of chocolate stuff. We had been carrying this thing since our third day and it was HEAVY. It felt good to finish it off and get rid off it. We got off at our last stop and jumped on a train to Frankfurt. On the train ride we found out that Frankfurt is the finicial capital of Europe and rooms were expensive 200-300 Euros a night OUCH. Once we got there we found a dive of a hotel for 48 Euros. Allison is a champ to stay at this place!!!! It was called hotel life i am sure because of all the little animals and bugs that were crawling around in the room. Watch CNN for a while to get updates about London then off to bed.


cristina said...

nutella rocks :) the castle sounds awesome... glad to hear you guys are having fun!