Saturday, July 09, 2005

Day 13 - VW Plant here we come!!!

We got on the train at 8 in the morning and we were off to Wolfsburg, 3 hour train ride and worth every minute. We were off to tour one of the many Volkswagon manufacturing plants. A dream of Allison and mine. The tour was amazing. It took around and hour and the only thing we really didn't see was the designing part. Everything that is assembled or made there we saw, it was awesome!!!! WE were here for about 3 hours. We were ready to undload our money in the gift shop but it was really weak, nothing had a VW bus on it :( Back on the train for a 4.5 hour train ride to Rothenburg. Which is where we reside now for until tommorow. We got a huge room which consists of the entire second floor of a house for 45 euro's. FINALLY things are starting to drop in price but still no free refills. There is hope! We are increasingly gtting more excited for the places to come. We knew in advance that we would enjoy the upcoming places much more... chow


Anonymous said...

Allison and Mark, I love your updates! What an adventure--you will never be the same! Aug 5 Dad and I fly to Michigan for 3 days(check on Kimball Lake)then to Minn.for 3 days and then 3 days in Dallas. Should be fun. We have been going to Silent Valley most weekends with the Smedleys. Last weekend Brad came up with his three kids-Cari stayed home with Nickolas. I think we will hit it again one of these weekends because Cari wants to come up with Nickolas also. Did I mention that Nickolas is a doll--I think he looks like Grant. Stay happy, stay well and ENJOY! Love, Mom

Ryan said...

hey Guys,

It sounds like you are having a GREAT time. Thanks for keeping the site updated. It's fun to track with you.

Shalom on your travels.


David said...

As my good buddy Nepoleon says, "Lucky!"