Monday, July 11, 2005

Day 16- How many walking tours can we do today???

Woke, showered and were on a mission for breakfast. Once we filled the tummies wee headed over to the meeting place for our "free" 2.5 hour city tour. I love that word but there had to be a catch. I figiured it may be tips. We will see how the tour goes and then decided. Well our tour guide was ten minutes because he said he was hungover from the night before... well this is going to be an interesting tour. 2 minutes into our tour Allison informs me that she knows someone from Michigan who is in our group or about 15. Why does this even surprise me? We are half way around the world and this is the second time Allison sees someone she knows(Brain Walters). She just eats this stuff up. Now if only we will run into Wayne Prinns this trip will be complete and we can go home. Turns out our was great. Very funny and informative guy. We walked maybe 3 miles on this tour making about 20 stops including abeer garden for lunch, which he proceeded to take some medicine (beer) to get rid of his headache. After the tour quickly grabbed a snack and were off to our next 2.5 hour tour of the third reich and how they cam into power. Allison and I were very much looking for to this tour. This guy was a history buff that could probably tell you what kind of underwear Hilter wore. Any question you had he knew it. We ate up every word. We were amazed at how many places that we visited we the actual place and buildings that major historic events took place. It turns out the city Munich was Hilters main headquarters and where everything got started was bombed 50 times by the allies and almost all of the buildings used by Hilter we untouched but across the street the buildings were ruble. Fascinating. We both said we are going to go home and Netflix as many movies we can about this era. And no Allison didn't see anyone on this tour but you can bet she sure was looking. Afterwards we ended up buying a Kodak camera because genius mark forgot to pack the cord which connects our camera to our ipod to save pictures, (we will return the camera tomorrow). So we are downloading our pictures as we speak so we can erase the disk for concentration camp Dakau. That will be an intense day tommorow... After this purchase we went shopping and got some dinner. I know all of you are wondering did mark ever find a free refills place? wel the answer is no, and tonight to opposite happened. We got 2 pieces of pizza for dinner 2$ each and two drinks total was 13 dollars... I about peed my pants. Yes that is right a 1 liter of soda was 5.60!!! We ended up sharing Allisons drink which cut our bill into half. I am hoping that things will turn in Prague. Well Allison is about to fall alseep so we must be off we will update in around 2 days. Tommorow Munich then a night train to Berlin where we will stay 2 days then another night train to Prague for 2 days.


Ryan said...

When are you guys coming home again?

Will you be here over a weekend when you get back before you leave again on your road trip?

Lemme know.

cristina said...

howdy guys!
i am at pepperdine right now (tennis camp) sitting in my dorm room :) its going great.
glad to hear your trip is going well!
-stina :)

Aimeejoy said...

Hey... you guys are so lucky... but in case you didn't get my email, i'm gonna be at the University of Cambridge in England between July 14- Aug 3. Call me if you can, don't feel forced to. The number from the US is 011-44-1223-504-218. Don't know what the number from over there would be though... Mark, I hope you find that free refill... but I doubt you'll find it :) jk