Monday, July 11, 2005

Day 15 - Romantic Road

We got off to a late start again this morning. We left our room around 9:30 for another breakfast of you guessed it bread, jam, and whats that...cereal. We checked out and killed a littel time by eating another ice cream cone before our bus came. I know what your thinking about the romantic bus ride "Mark you don't need a bus ride, i have seen you in action and you have all the right moves". Well i will say it is hard to get your groove on a 9 hour bus ride. But dont get me wrong i did try ;) The sights were cool but after you have seen one Germany small town they all start looking the same, i think we visited 8-9 altogether. During half of the ride it was pouring rain outside so the short trips off the bus seemed very long. We saw some cool churches and some big famous castles. One stop before the last there was us and an asian couple who didn't speak English so the bus driver asked us if we would join him up front for some conversation which we gladly did. Great time had by all. He spoke great English (among 5 other languages) and i think we learned a lot from eachother. I sat in the co-pilot seat about 2 feet behind the Huge windshield (the funny seat where the guide usually is and Allison sat right behind us. That conversation made the trip for me, not the sights. We got inot town and he notified us that this place is expensive and it will be hard for us to find a cheap hotel (man i have heard that way to many times on this trip). 10 minutes later we were at an internet cafe looking up hostels and called the first one and they had openings. 100 feet around the corner, score! This was Allison's first night in a hostel, kinda fun for her. Later on we found out our roomates were 2 girsl from Spain who didn't speak a lick of English but that didn't stop Allison. She needs to speak to people no matter what so she just started talking slower and with more facial expressions and she was able to break the barrier. What an amazing woman. She is a keeper!!! Off to bed.