Saturday, July 16, 2005

Day 19 - Czech out Prauge

Woke up well rested and tried to get onto the hostels internet to book our flight back home but still no luck. Went across the street for breakfast at "green eggs and ham" and had a normal - eggs, toast and sausage breakfast. We took our bags to the train station and put them in a locker and updated our blog just in time for our next walking tour. If you haven't noticed we love these walking tours!!! they are excellent. This on was entirely about the coldwar. We had a group of 8 (normally our group is around 25) and our guide was actually being payed by the US to do some research in Berlin for a year about the cold war and the affect it had on the history teachers afterward. Because now they were able to teach about the real history. Fascinating stuff. So our guide really knew what he was talking about with leading up to the cold war, the stazi, how everyday life was, leading up to the Berlin wall, check point charlie, etc., Allison and I eat this stuff up. Well we cut out of the tour 20 minutes early to catch our train to Prague with 7 cents to our name and hadn't eaten since breakfast and now it is 5pm. We found a liquor store that would take credit cards and loaded up on junk food for the train ride. The ride was slow and long - 5 hours but the scenery was amazing. We arrived in Prague at 10:30 and got hounded by a man who wanted us to stay in his B&B so we gave in. the place... well lets just say the man enjoys "beautiful" paintings of naked woman and thinks they look good on every wall... interesting. The place was ok and we decided to go to our hoestel we had booked early (our first reservation!). We got some info from the tourist info place and headed to our hostel to unload our bags. Hostel or you could say basketball court with nothing but bunk beds, ALOT OF THEM. This was going to be interesting. We left to go see the city for the day and it started gettin hot! The heat wore on us quickly but we continued on seeing more then we expected. Some hightlights were two male naked statues peeing at one another, view from the top of a mountain, cheap food, beautiful bridges, fun shops, and a nice sit down dinner. We finished the evening off with a little shopping just before it started to sprinkle some rain with lightning off in the distance. Off to our dorm room for the night