Monday, July 18, 2005

Day 20 - First Day in Prague

We slept in till around 10ish which is by far the latest start we have gotten all trip. We checked out with our naked manager (hiding behind a door). When we told him of the hostel we had reservations at he started to laugh and swore we would be back for another two nights. With that in mind we were off. 90 degrees and with our backpacks on I was not interested in the sights just finding our way to the hostel to lighten our load. Note to self, when you make a reservation to a hostel at least write down the name/addtress. We got a lot of interesting faces when we asked people if they knew where the hostel on the island was. Once we finally got a map we narrowed it down to two options. Luckily the first one we came to was it. We can now understand why our manager warned us. We were the only two MATURE individuals at this place. I could tell Allison was a little apprehensive about my booking selection but she was going to stick by her man :) Once we unloaded our stuff in our two beds among 60 others in 1 HUGE room there really wasn't much conversation going on between us cause we were both in schock. And we hadn't even sween the bathrooms yet! How does everyone reading this blog feel about community showering??? well lets just say I do not partake in those rituals, Allison on the other hand has conversations with other people while shower and probably even shares her bar of soap with complete strangers! Well we wer off to explore the city on foot. First stop was on top of a mountain that overlooked the city which was beautiful. Next we were to Europes largest castle, it was ok but the ice cream outside was great. We visited some shops, grubbed on some cheap food, visited a closed Jewish cemetary, and went to a Tesco (european Wal-Mart). Here they had 1 liter beers for 30 cents (too bad we don't drink)!!! Food was incredibly cheap in Prague i.e. 2 litter bottled water- 8 cents, candy bars - 10 cents. After shopping i took my lovely wife out to dinner at our first sit down restaurant that cost us around 8 bucks. I know i spoile her rotten. Next we were off to walk around the city and look for some shops to hit in the morning. We made it to our hostel right as it started raining when we noticed the castle and Charles Bridge were all lit up and they both looke amazing. Cool thing to see to close the evening. We arrived to the hostel where the receptionist was selling 10 cent beers to a bunch of hyper immature kids (18-24). When we got to the sleeping banquet hall it was 11 oclock. All lites where on and the 'kids' were getting ready to head out. Martha we have you to thank for those wonderful (funny looking) eye masks! With the eye mask and ear plugs we both were ready for some snoozing...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ