Monday, July 25, 2005

Day 22 - Biking the Danube

We started off this morning checking out the city center, downtown Vienna. Once again, same 'ol city scenery. Personally, I'm not a fan of the city life, we tend to enjoy the outskirts a bit more! Saying that, we headed for the bike rentals and had an inspiration of biking this part of Europe...maybe down the road a bit? Anyway, this bikeride was incredible!!!! We went through some awesome parks, saw families playing with their kids, saw old people walking along the sidewalk, we saw the everyday family hanging out(you don't see THAT in the city center!) Anyway, this was the biggest park Mark and I have ever seen. AND it was all in the shade. After about 20 minutes, we popped out at the Danube. We took this river down for about 2.5 hours, round trip. Does anyone know what the letters FKK stand for? If you do, then you'll know what kind of fun things we saw. :) Mark was intrigued for quite a while watching the boats go through the channel locks (I think he was just using that as an excuse to get some rest!) We saw something going on on the river that we had to check out...wassiskiing, this is difficult to explain, but something REALLY fun to watch. It's a cross between waterskiing and a tow rope (in the water, obviously). We got some icecream and sat to watch for a while. Beautiful day!!!
We then returned the bikes and updated the blog. We realized that our metro passes were expired and we were too cheap to buy another, so we walked a good 2 miles home. Mark was such a trooper! Grabbed dinner for the road and then got back in time to do a load of laundry. Went to bed nice and early so we catch an early train.