Monday, July 25, 2005

Day 23 - Holy Hallstatt!!!

Jumped on the train after running to the train station...we love cutting it close!
I had every intention to go on THE SOUND OF MUSIC tour, but when we reached Salzburg it was raining and I didn't feel like spending £35.00 for ONE ticket. We splurge on some things, but not this. Like I said, it was rainy so everything was a bit dreary in Salzburg. We were 2 of about 5,000 tourists in this small little town. After we had checked out THEIR city center and all its Mozart this and Mozart that, we realized that we had just spent an entire day in a place we could very easily skipped over. Oh well, I'm sure there are some people out there who really appreciate that kind of stuff. We were hustling back to catch a "4:10 train" when we realized that that train didn't even exist and there were no more trains going to Hallstatt that night. Hmmmm, shoot, what do you do? We went straight to the information lady and she informed us of a bus heading to Hallstatt that was leaving in 5 minutes! Phew...I thought I was going to lose it! 5 minutes later we were off to Hallstatt. The busride was absolutely beautiful, it reminded us of Western Canada quite a bit. We didn't really know what we were about to see (Hallstatt), but the fact that a bus couldn't make it's way into the town (or a train for that matter) was a good sign of not too many people\tourists. Wow, how do you describe this place???? We'll just have to show you pictures...or you can just look it up on the internet for now. We will tell you that the room we got in our B&B had us overlooking Lake Hallstatt! Incredible! We settled ourselves in and took off to find some food. After about 30 minutes of looking, we gave in and went to this dead-looking restaurant where nothing was in English and all the meals were quite pricey. So, I decided to get something safe (very unlike me) and ordered Roast Beef, Mark on the other hand was feeling adventurous and decided to order a typical German dish...let's just say that he HAD to take a picture of it to do it justice! And also, let's go a little further to say that this was the worst meal he has ever had in his life! It was pretty funny from my side, seeing how I was nice and full after a tasty meal. :) We walked back and snuggled in our comfy down-comforter beds for a great night sleep.