Monday, July 18, 2005

Day 22 - Brain farts in the transit system

We woke up and got all packed up. Allison ended up taking a COLD shower, not to mention made a friend while doing it, and i washed my hair in the sink. Before leaving we hit up the internet to find out that some friends were going to have their baby today (Ryan and Kelly) which was exciting to start the day off with. We fast walked about a mile to catch our 8'oclock train. We made it with 5 minutes to spare. We had a 5 hour train ride in which Allison and I wish 1.we had a deck of cards 2. and knew how to play any type of card game other then war. Any Suggestions with easy to explain instructions??? email at Thanks in advance! We arrived in another very hot city with Allisons VERY FULL BLADDER and no Euros. We got money from the ATM and with a 100 dollar bill in hand Allison was off to the 50 cent bathrooms (which she was previously denied because she had no money) The bathroom nazi still refused to let her in but before Allison could ring her neck a Godsend woman offered to pay her way. It was funny to watch this whole thing happen with the door open. We had to break the money somehow so we got two scoops of ice cream across the street. The cashier was not too happy to see a hundred for a 3 dollar purchase but Allison just gave her a big smile instead. I send her to do all the dirty work if you haven't figured that out by now. We planned our attack of the housing situation and made, once again some frustrating phone calls!!! We sometimes think it would be easier to send up smoke signals then to use the dumb payphone. We ended up gettin on the internet and found a hostel with openings... but it could hold 400 plus people. Great, another Prague experience. However once we got there it was like the Ritz Carlton of Hostels. It looked like a converted 6 story college dorm. We even got our own room with our own shower. We took a real shower and did some laundry in the sink and we were ready to conquer Vienna but the transit system chewed us up and spit us out numerous times (fortunately we had a 24 hour pass). 2 hours later, 7-8 wrong trains we found ourself a place called "Kunsthauswien" check this place out!!! we bought our first print for our home here!!! exciting!!! We made it to a restaurant for dinner where i got an incredible burger and Allsion got an amazing burrito. I probably don't need to mention that it took us about another hour to get just across the river. Seeing how we have seen the entire city from the trains, except for the sights we wanted to see, I could have left Vienna the next morning but we were AMERICANS AND WE WERE TOUGHER THAN SOME EUROPEAN TRANSIT SYSTEM. We got home without any wrong trains!! More mentally than physically tired we hit the sack hard. No mask or ear plugs needed in this hostel :)