Monday, July 18, 2005

Day 21 - Day of rest

Slept GRRRRRREAT! We both took quick showers (me in my swimsuit) and were headed downstairs to get some breakfast. By now you should know when I say breakfast... you know what that means. This place however had 2 slices left of sweet bread. Man did we feel spoiled. While eating our breakfast we just couldn't help but chuckle at the conversations we were overhearing about what some people think is sooooo cool and how they had so much fun after we went to bed, kids... Oh i forgot something funny. Right before we headed down to breakfast i was getting our small backpack out of our locker and I heard someone very close by RIP a long and LOUD fart (You can imagine the sound in a GYM with wood floors and it is dead silent) I quickly turn around and Allisons face is beat red, trying not to laugh. Every day i find a reason why i love my wife more then i did the previous day, and that was it for today :)...Where was i, today was a kick back day. We just walked around the city and explored the streets just off the main streets. Late afternoon we hit up a Tesco and then rented a paddle boat in the river. Lounging, eating, enjoying the beuatiful scenary, and feeding the ducks, we didn#t realize over the last five minutes a large black cloud decided to hoover right over our paddle boat while we were in the middle of the river. IT POURED for the whole 3 minutes it took us to get to shore. I think we may have hit 1G in our paddle boat (it has to be a record or close to it) heading to shore. we waited it out for 10 minutes and headed back to our hostel to regroup. We cleaned up and went out to a cheap dinner...again. Did i mention that "cheap" is my third favorite word behind "Allison" and "free"? After dinner we set our alarms for an early morning departure to Vienna. Slipped on our attractive masks and put in our ear plugs and we were ready for bed.


Fae King said...

I know those farts very well!!!!!!