Thursday, July 28, 2005

Day 32 - Ride into the Sauna (Florence)

Allison woke up early and showered while I did my usual routine, slept in until she got a little upset and told me to get up. I quickly showered, took some pictures of our mini mobile and left. We got to the train station and got our reservation for our 10 oclock train. Nice train, by far the nicest we have ridden, and the sucker cost us an extra 20 bucks to ride it too. But we got free snack. Oh yeah did I ever mention that we are traveling in First Class this entire time? Yeah i know don't feel to bad for us. Our guide book man rick Steves says travel in second class even though Americans over 27 need to purchase a first class Eurorail pass to "mingle" and experience the true culture of the people. I say forget that!!! If i am paying a first class price I am getting my monies worth and for once I am not a commoner ;) What am i saying, same three outfits for 6 weeks, half the time with a killer bed head going on, in flip flops, probably smelling bad cause it is so picking hot. There is nothing I can do to look like i belong in first class. Anyways, that was just one of the thought i was thinking about today walking around in this muggy city. Calm down, calm down.... where was i? At the train station we called in advance to get reservations at another campground Allison had found on the internet. Great price which included a tent and 2 cots!!! We took a bus to our campsite (Camping MichealAngelo) with an incredible view of the entire city, Amazing. We located our tent and we both were tickled pink. I don't know if we are weird but this is the first place i felt at home. In a canvas 8x8 tent and with the luxury of 2 cots. 10 minutes later we were on a bus back to the city to explore. We did plenty of walking around and I was just not getting into this city AT ALL. Maybe it was the heat. Me and Allison had a talk about museums and their worth. I explained that i need the "A.D.D" museums where i can ride tractors and blow stuff up kind of museum, this looking at an endless amount of marble statues for 2 hours uhhhhhh, plus i am paying for this too. I expressed my frustration to Allison and she said we didn't have to do anymore if i didn't want to? Man she is throwing a lot of "test" responses back at me. First the x-box now no more museums. I can't handle this. I just remained silent, i felt that that was my safest bet, being passive. So we spent the rest of the afternoon walking around looking at different scooter shops and drooling. I LOVE SCOOTERS!!!!!! We looked into renting one for a couple of hours and ride around the hills of Tuscany. I guess it is supposed to be nice. Allison has been talking about this place since the first day of our trip. Anyways we are inside right now at an internet point 8:31 PM updating the blog and getting some info on our next stops Pisa and Cinque de Terra where we will be spending three days. Allison warned me to get a book becuase i guess there isn't much to do there except sunbath and I HATE SITTING IN THE SUN. I guess that is Allison's way of telling me what we will be doing. I am learning a lot about how she communicates when travelling. AFter this we are going to explore some bridge over the water then head back for a late dinner and then off to bed. We might head out of here tom. if we get some reservations in C.T.