Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Day 34 - Hiking the cost

We woke up and Allison ran to the COOP grocery store and got breakfast for us. We ate and were off for some hiking. The weather was CONSIDERABLY cooler then Florence buit still hot for my liking. We walked on a trail connecting 4 of the 5 towns. It took us about 3 hours to do so then we rewarded ourselves with a swim in the water for 30 minutes. We found a place that sold AMAZING gelato WAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better then any other we have had on the entire trip. Walked down the pier and tried to take in the view and enjoyed their pace of life. Ahhhhhhh. A vacation from a vacation. We took the train back to our town and Allison went to lay out while i went to the COOP to get some groceries, showered did laundry and took a nap. Allison arrived a couple hours later and we had dinner while watching MTV (the only American channel they have). She read and finished her book that she bought in Berlin and i listened to the ipod. We heard some loud yelling so we went to go check things out. When we got to the city square the local drama group was putting on a comical skit. It was great. All the locals came out and were involved in it. Imagine walking down a small street with 100 locals and this open air play happening right in front of you. They had actors 3 stories up shouting off of balconies and out of windows to other actors down on the street. It was all in Italian but we were eating it up anyways. What a way to end the evening.