Saturday, July 02, 2005

Day 5 - Free Day

Today was a leisure day where we just went to random parts of Paris to shop and just look around. We had a very relaxing day really with no agenda. This was a nice change. We went to the train station to get our passes for the next leg of the trip and got a few questions answered. As Allison atempts to conquer the language barrier she tries to get every chance she can to speak in the native language which i find very humorous. The 5 maybe six words she knows somehow she is able to make an entire conversation out of those. And on top of it you all know how animated she is when she talks... well i saw her take it up to a whole new level. Today on the subway she knocked some lady in the head with her elbow and with her big animated smile she says "merci" ( which means thank you) and then turns around. We both laughed at her response, it was quite funny. Next we went to the top of the Eiffel tower. I guess we had to cross it off tof the list but we both thought it was an ok experience. We ended the evening using up the calling card minutes by contacting poeple back home. Off to bed next morning we leave for Belgium.


David said...

I have nothing cleaver to say, but I can invision this taking place. Thanks for keeping us updated, sounds like there is a lot of fun left ahead of you.