Saturday, July 09, 2005

Day 9 - Amsterdam

In Amsterdam we had some trouble with reservations but we got a small place. By American standards many of these places we are staying in would be much worse then a 1 star hotel (motel 6). These places are borderline questionable, but it is what it is ;) Early in the morning we went to the Van Gogh musem and i was quickly reminded how much these places zap my energy. My observation of the paintings was walking from room to room finding an open chair in the middle of the room and looking around till Allison was done. We were able to complete this one in about an hour. Next we visited the Rijksmuseum, not really sure who he is but his paintings are worth way to much money. One was i think valued at 40 million... you have got to be kidding me! Next we went walking around and then ran into Anne Franks house- this was the first museum i liked. I remember reading her diary and just seeing this place in person was amazing. We did a canal tour on a boat and found myself nodding off along with Allison. To slow for our pace. We pretty much ended our evening QUICKLY walking through the "red light" district: disgusting and sad. It is really hard to explain. We went to bed early tonight, we were pooped.