Monday, July 04, 2005

Day 8 - Onto Amsterdam

We woke up pakced then went downstairs to get our toast and hot chocolate then off to the flee market. Wow!!! This thing was big. Almost as big as the OC swapmeet. Everything from dried fish to old war bullets. It was pretty cool. After an hour or so we headed back got our stuff and had a 4 hour train ride to Amsterdam. The ride was great. We read, ipod, researched and napped. Once we got to Amsterdam we got a connection train to get us to a city called Harlem. I thought it was the slums but Allion really liked it. We called for some reservations and got a room but we decided to head back to Amsterdam becuase sight seeing would be much easier then, so we did. We got a room, another B&B and went for a 5 mile walk. A lot of travelling today but not much to share about.


Anonymous said...

We love the updates! Wish we were there. Enjoy--enjoy! love mom & dad