Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas in B-town

This is our first "lighting of the tree" in Bellflower. It was kind of cheesy and totally unorganized but good fun with friends. There was skating in the streets to represent an ice rink and food concession stands to feed the hungry. Santa arrived in a police car minutes before the lighting of the tree as the anticipation began to rise. I had this feeling that when Santa threw the switch that something was going to go wrong (it was just 2nd class production). However, when the switch was thrown everything worked as they had planned along with 3 very large bubble/snow making machines. It was a great idea for the ambiance but the longer you stood out in the "snow" the more difficult it was to inhale :). Everyone around us was coughing because we were all breathing in the bubbles. Here are some pictures of the night. Oh yeah take note of the wonderful hat my wife finally finished for me. It is a little tight on me right now but she swears it will stretch... we will see, it is tight!


Sarah said...

oh you guuuyss - that looks like such fun. I miss hanging out with you and the copelands. :(