Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Here is a quick update

Allison has been growing over the past weeks and has finally accepted the fact that maternity clothes are the comfier least the bottoms. From what I'm gathering, she is not a big fan of them. Below are some pictures of my beautiful growing bride...

Here are some pictures of the spare room (or should I call it by its new name, nursery). As you can see, simple... just the way I like it. While on Christmas break I painted it, and 2 weeks ago, a buddy and I installed some remnant carpet and it turned out pretty good. Allison is set on a theme of Pottery Barn's Alphabet Soup and I want an outdoor/rustic/nature room. She is winning right now but I have the advantage of being dutch and you know what that means...stubborn. We will see who wins. The swing in the corner is Pamela's (we are borrowing it until their #2 shows up) and Autumn is letting us use their bouncer (until baby #3 shows up)...hopefully not as unexpected like their #2 did. Our old kitchen table has been demoted to serve as the baby's changing table. And we have a sweet U.S. map on the other wall which you can see in the above picture. I love this thing. We have been marking the map with stickers for different places we've camped.

Here is a new Craigslist purchase. Allison loves it, and I think it is too big for the room...and uncomfortable. We invited two of our "say it as it is" friends over to try to help us decide. Both of them said they liked it and it fits well...I am still not convinced. My theory is that they didn't want to hurt the pregnant lady's feelings (but no one will admit it). Please let us know what you think. It's difficult to tell how it fits in the room b/c of the angle of the pictures. Again, let us know if you like the chair or not...we value your opinions. :) (What should we do with that corner? There seems to be a lot of empty space.) Thanks.


David said...

sarah seemed to like it when we were there. I didn't really have an i might as well side with you Mark.