Wednesday, February 14, 2007

We Chimed In

We went to a ceremony the city of Bellflower put on...they were dedicating the new tower clock right behind city hall. We went because they were giving out sweet free Tshirts. The other couple picture with us is my cousin Shane, his wife Autumn, and their 2 kids. There was this goofy man dressed up as a clock and the city photographer was taking pictures with anyone who wanted their picture taken. We were the only ones who put on the shirts and posed with the "clock man". As soon as we got our photo taken photographers from all over swarmed over to take our picture. We all thought we looked liked dorks but everyone else love it. We were talking afterwards how it would be so funny if we made the Bellflower paper, well.... we made 2 newspapers. Hilarious. (I'm trying not to let this press get to my head.)


cristina said...

the new celebreties of bellflower... nice.
and, 'goofy man dressed up as a clock'?
i happen to think dressing up is very cool

Amy Helms said...

Cute T's. look so cute with a belly. I like the room too. I don't think the table looks's a great height for you tall people. Mark...I'm with Allison on the Alphabet from PB kids. Remember, she gets the final say, she is the one working hard making your baby. I look forward to seeing more pictures!