Friday, April 20, 2007

Last Weekend as "D.I.N.K.s"

OK, it's officially one week past my due date. I had been thinking that April 15 was my due date this entire was the 13th. So, if little baby chooses NOT to come on its own, the doctor will induce me on Monday. So crazy to think that this is our last weekend to do whatever we want without a little one in tow. Any suggestions?

We'll most definitely keep you posted with whatever does end up happening. The contractions have started, just nothing too strong where I can't talk through them. Mark and I are packed and ready to go...please keep us in your thoughts and prayers this weekend. :)

We'll try to post the latest pregnancy pictures as soon as we take them. :)


august said...

you ARE in my prayers

amy said...

mine too!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I have been checking your blog to see if your little one has arrived! I will certainly be praying for a smooth labor and delivery. My advice for you this weekend (as a mother of a 3 week old): cuddle with your hubby--once the baby is here, he or she will steal all of your cuddles.
Love ya! Abbie

danielle said...

hi! hope you don't mind me commenting. Baby and i were very close to sharing the birthday of april 25th...but i'm sure you are ready to be out of the pregnancy state. :)
praying all is well! :)