Monday, April 09, 2007

The Nursery :)...and other stuff

Well, here it is...the baby's room. As you can see, we like the bold colors, not so much into the pastels. :) We hope Baby will like it as much as we do. Let me tell you a little bit about each picture... This chair was given to us by Kathy Murray (a past student/friend of mine's mom)...she got it from a garage sale and re-upholstered it in off-white chenille...what a great find! The swing in the left corner is ours to borrow from Pamela and Kurtis Olson.
Here is our "make-shift" diaper changing station. Door on left is Baby's closet, door on right goes into our hallway.
Our house church chipped in and surprised us with this beautiful crib! What makes it so great is that they found it on Craigslist...amazing. :) Thanks Guys!
Here is the bed that you get to have if you come by for a visit. Actually, Mark and I will probably sleep in here and give you OUR bed (we want our company to get the best sleep possible...we'll suffer for you.) Check out the fun leaf canopy, I'm a big fan of the leaf. :)
This is a Joel Tanis print that my parents brought out for Baby from Holland, MI. Thanks so much, Mom and Dad...we love it! Mark and I cut the mat and painted the frame (we were feeling a little artsy...we're pretty proud of how it turned out). Fun and bright!

We aren't finished with the decorating. In place of the swing, under the map, we plan on putting a low bookshelf to put all of Baby's books...I can't wait to actually start reading to Baby! I know, some really good parents have already begun reading to their baby while in the womb. Can't say that I've been that kind of mom. They will get plenty when they come out. :)

So, here we sit, pretty much done with baby stuff...feels good! Mark has spring break this whole next week, it's the week before my due date and we're going to enjoy it by NOT sitting around waiting for this little one to come out. We have reservations for camping this week. Aaah, a last vacation for just the 2 of us...looking forward to it! We'll head up to the mountains with our bags packed for the hospital just in case somebody wants to come a little bit early.

This weekend we enjoyed a fun adventure with our friends Shaun, Tia, and Chrissy. We took the Metro into downtown L.A. where we grabbed some dinner and delighted in the fact that we spent only $3.00 for an all day pass! What a cultural experience it was! We were by far the actually felt a lot like Europe. I think we'll be doing that again with Baby. :)
Blessings on your day!


cristina said...

the baby's room looks awesome!!! and i like your guys' artistic touch you added to the frame :)
enjoy your week!

Sarah said...

i like it. :)

august said...

the room is so cute! i dont like the pastel rooms either... i love your crib lining (if thats what its called,im not sure =)),its adorable!

i love craigs list, i bought my car there :D