Saturday, June 23, 2007

Deals, Deals, and more Deals

We were turned onto the Craigslist by a guy name Matthew about 3 years ago. It is similar to ebay or a local newspaper classified adds. You can post items you want to buy or sell and also look at what others are offering up. We have had a fair amount of success with it lately. Allison and I haven't bought any big ticket items (new) since we have found this site. We also have been going to a lot of REI used gear sales lately. They sell all there returned merchandise at these sales for about 50-95% off the original price.

Here are some of the some of items we have purchased and sold lately:

Bought this double BOB jogger used for 150, sold on craigslist for 260 (retail 475)

With the 110 dollars from selling the jogger we bought this freezer for Tessa's breast milk. We bought this 1 year old freezer for 100, retail 175
We then went the REI used gear sale and bought this double BOB stroller for 199. This thing is brand new, never been used, when the store opened it they put a small hole in the canvas about the size of a pencil eraser. Can you believe this thing retails for the mid 500's!!! We will be keeping this thing for anyone who wants to use it and when number two comes along. This has been about the most exiting purchase so far.

We got this cargo carrier this week for 60, it retails for 199. When folded up two little arms come out for a bike rack. Or it flips down and holds junk for our roadtrip in 3 weeks.

Oh yeah we also got our 4runner on craigslist too.


august said...

i love craigslist! i almost bought my car off of it

cristina said...

i must say that you guys are just about the greatest deal-finders i know... i love hearing the stories that go along with the purchases/sells.

see you in a month :)

theolsons said...

not sure if you should be giving tessa breats might be taking this deal finding a little too far! :)