Sunday, June 10, 2007

Here's Something to Chew On

When asked how the parenting thing has been going, we always answer (without hesitating), "Great!" Tessa is allowing us our adequate amount of sleep, she's a happy baby, she takes nice long naps, she loves to cuddle, what more could we ask for? :)
However, today we were sharing with another couple how much we were looking forward to our road trip out to Michigan this summer. This is how the conversation went...
Us: "We're looking forward to seeing what Tessa's made of."
Experienced Parents: "Oh really?
She'll do just fine...she's going to see what YOU guys are made of."
Just a humbling thought to chew on, kind of puts things back into perspective.
We're not in control of anything, really.


Anonymous said...

As long as your drivin' thru, we would love for you to take a rest break in Palatine!!!! Good luck on that drive! We will be taking our first LONG road trip to Colorado in few weeks. We will be leaving when Noah goes to bed so he sleeps almost the entire way there! Youre in our prayers...that's a LONG trip!